Color masterbatches

Color masterbatches and pigments from «Global Colors Polska» combine complex of color pigments included in the  polymer base. The range of masterbatches and pigments have a large variety of colors- more than 15,000 colors. Also, at the request of the client, can be developed masterbatches (SC) according to the international system (RAL, Pantone), on the desired polymer carrier (polyolefins, polystyrene, PVC, EVA). Color masterbatches «Global Colors Polska» authorized for food contact, used in food packaging, disposable tableware and toys, without  a permit for food contact - for the manufacture of industrial components, automotive parts, construction materials, etc.

Masterbatches and  pigments from «Global Colors Polska» intended to color the following materials:

1. Polyethylene of high and low pressure (LDPE and HDPE)

a) For the production of thin films based on LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE are  preferred masterbatches with high pigment content. The range of "Global Colors Polska" has a standard set of colors for thin films (the optimal level of lightfastness and heat resistance). Pigments have a high level of opacity and pigment dispersions and suitable for all types of polymer processing in film industry. Typically, they are used in the manufacture of thin films for packages of all kinds. Recommended input percentage -is from 2 to 5%.
  Possible use of these pigments for  PP, PS, nylon, polystyrene, PVC, with input   not exceed 2%.

b) For the production of thick film and thin-walled molded products «Global Colors Polska» has developed a special group of pigments, which combine low pigment content and CaCO3 (chalk), which contributes  the achievement of good coloring effect and the relatively low price. Pigments have a high level of distribution in the polymer mass. Suitable for all major types of polymer processing in the film industry and injection molding production.
  Recommended input - is from 1 to 4%.

c) For the production of thick-walled products (molding, rotational molding) are developed pigments with high light fastness and heat resistance, containing special fillers and ensure good dispersion and homogenisation. Concentrates have a positive effect on the physical properties of the finished product. There are different versions of the color intensity of the product, depending on the requirements imposed by the manufacturer.
  Recommended input - is from 0.3 to 2%.

2. Polypropylene

For the production of PP products- designed masterbatches on PP base, which provides the best compatibility with the pigment compared with concentrates on PE base. Masterbatches not affect the physical properties of the finished product. PMasterbatches for PP are based on a homopolymer, which allows them to paint as a homopolymer and copolymer products.

3. Polystyrene

Color masterbatches for PS are based on general-purpose polystyrene. The range also has masterbatches for coloring products made of transparent polystyrene. Also, these masterbatches can be used for coloring styrene and akrilanitril.
Recommended input of masterbatches based on PP and PS - is from 0.5 to 3%.