Coloured concentrates

Coloured concentratesColoured concentrates combine complex of coloured pigments and polymers base (PE, PP, PS, EVA).

  • Pigments must be resistant to heat, they can’t decompose or discolour due to high processing temperature;
  • Pigments cannot migrate, they can’t have any tendency to go up to the surface of the product;
  • Pigments must have a stability to light, corresponding to the exploitation conditions, ability to protect the colours from influence of UV;
  • Pigments can have any negative effect to the polymer properties, which are important using the final product.
  • Pigments must not have any harmful or toxic substances, especially if they are used to produce the food, cosmetic or medical packaging.

Range of concentrates is wide. Despite that any new colour can by created according the client's request. They will fit the international system (RAL, Pantone) and will be based on the required polymers (polyolefin, PS, EVA).

Coloured concentrates which may contact food, are used to produce food package, dishes and toys; concentrates without these properties, are used to produce industrial components, auto parts, construction materials and so on.

We always have of "standard" colour concentrates, constantly in warehouse. Wide gamma of coloured concentrates in factories allows us to satisfy customers' needs in a minimum period of time.