Black masterbatches

Black masterbatchesThis is a black pigment based on polymer concentrate with different content of soot (20% - 50%). Provide rich black colour and improve UV- resistance, without contamination by dust with good dispersion which is essential for maximum opacity and good UV- stabilization.

Black masterbatches may have glossy or mat surfaces. All of them are good distributed and adapted to a variety of polymers have good resistance (light, humidity, etc.).

Other advantages using black masterbatches are increased fixation, increased quality of weld and seal affixed.

There are marks of black masterbatches in which improve the efficiency of micronized hydrophobic chalk.

Our black masterbatches has internals like: high dispersion, maximum UV- resistance, approved for food contact, also they have a high resistance.

Black masterbatches are used in: flat film extrusion; extrusion blow moulding (1 - and multi-layer); lamination; manufacture of sheet and tube extrusion; injection moulding; blow moulding; staining of fibres;

We can offer 5- 6 black masterbatches with base of polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) from world manufactures.

More economical with smut (25%), more expensive with the pigment - 50%.

Packing - 25 kg.