Functional additives

AdditivesDesigned to impart specific properties of the finished product: slip, anti-block, antistatic, nucleating, antimicrobial, blowing agent (talc, chalk), frost and etc.

Enter into the uncoloured polymer is 0.5% -3%, depending on the brand and product requirements.


Recycling, manufacturing and storage of polymeric materials exposed by the chemical destruction (break down the molecular chains), which is the result of many complex chemical oxidation reactions (conditioned by oxygen material in the surrounding environment). The result – changed properties: elongation at break, flow ability, impact resistance, colour, transparency of the polymer.

Slip additives based on oleanid erucamide and (Slip AGENTS)

They are used to reduce the coefficient of friction of plastic films, increase shine and to facilitate the withdrawal of products from moulds. Input rate – from 0,5% till 1,5% depends on film thickness, the desirable coefficient of friction, the quality of the polymer.

Erucamide concentrate is recommended to use in products, which will be stamped no later than after 3 days rom after the film production. In other cases the concentrate is using by olenid base.

The combined concentrate from sliding additive and anti-block

It is used to prevent blocking of plastic film rolls. Recommended use if not only good slip properties (low coefficient of friction) are required, but increased adhesion strength of polyethylene film roll as well.

Recommended use then recycling temperature is up to 230 degrees. Input rate: 0.5% - 2% depending on the desired effect.

Antistatic additives

Provides antistatic properties, eliminates static electricity, common to all polymers. During processing and exploitation of polymer products these additives appear on the surface and accumulate electric charge.

Various antistatic surface-active substances are blending into polymer products they reduce the surface resistance. Structure of these materials has duplicate contacts.

Antistatic input does not exceed 2%. Antistatic properties are divided into internal (the antistatic is introduced into polymer with other additives) and external (antistatic lubricates to surface of the product).

Light stabilizers (UV stabilizers)

Protects polymers against damage from sunlight. It strengthens the operation of the oxidation processes, light stabilizers are entered into a polymer with antioxidants. Light stabilizers have an important role in maintaining product with great surface – products of films and fabrics.

Draining concentrate

Used to manufacture products from recycled polymeric materials. It absorbs moisture out of the plastic material. Concentrate gives an opportunity make dry materials even when moisture is inside the pellets (in this case, the raw material cannot be dried in the usual way). The concentrate is effective in these cases:

  • the excess of moisture in polymeric material;
  • economy of energy;
  • lack of drying equipment.

Processing additives

Purpose - optimization of polymer extrusion process: reduces or eliminates product defects (especially in film producing process – reduce extruder torque moment), allows to recycle especially viscous polymers, which recycling is impossible with existing equipment.

Used to produce films with containing of HDPE, LDPE polymers, PP pipe extrusion, production equipment; to avoid sediments; also in PP extrusion (tissue or polyolefin cable) to reduce sediments and improve the product surface quality.


Most polymers are flammable. In purpose to respond the fire safety rules, the polymer includes flame retardants to slow the spread of fire and fits the fire resistance requirements. Polymer manufacturers also use flame retardants in their production process.

Usage of retardants helps to solve many production problems: - manufacturing bulky products without deformation; - manufacturing products of different thicknesses and the hardness edge;

  • reduce the internal tension inside the product;
  • production with high dimensional accuracy;
  • saving of materials;
  • producing of lighter products without losing their exploitation properties.

Cleaning additive (Purge Agent)

Used for quick cleaning of extruder or casting equipment in changing one polymer by another, or changing one colour by another. The concentrate produced on polyethylene base and has up to 60% mineral filler, which is characterized by mild abrasive effect and weakly active substances. During the process of equipment cleaning, the concentrate is mixed with a polymer (about 30% but not less than 20% out of the polymer). The prepared mix is put into the extruder’s bunker, or moulding machine in the original polymer processing mode for approximately 10 minutes.

The concentrate contains mineral filling with abrasive effect – when the mixture passes the machinery, the residues of old materials are cleaned of. The melting temperature cannot exceed 240 degrees. After cleaning process the mixture can be granulated and used few times until will be able to absorb pollutants.

Chalk concentrates

Chalk concentrate – 75% CaCO3, on polymeric base (LLDPE, PP). The purpose of these additives is to fill up the polyolefins and improve their properties during processing. The main aim of chalk concentrate – reduction of products‘ price. Pellets of chalk concentrates are round, this allows to mix evently with polietilen (polypropylene) and achieve a seamless and efficient distribution into the final product. In addition to the cost reduction, the additive allows to avoid canting, debris, pulling effect. Excellent self-recommended in films production.

Chalk concentrate Features

  1. It costs less than the primary polyethylene and polypropylene; this allows to reduce the cost of raw materials.
  2. Using of fine-grained carbonate Ca (2 microns), which is cleaned out of quartz sand and metal impurities, eliminates its negative qualities – reasons of filters contamination, equipment depreciation (this inevitably occurs using the concentrate with larger chalk (more than 5 microns).
  3. Greater thermal conductivity of polymers lets to increase production capacity, because the alloy heating and cooling period becomes shorter. Costs are reducing due to increased extrusion speed.
  4. The concentrate has slip-lowering properties, because changes the polymer film surface structure. It also improves the production surface adhesion flexographic during printing dyes; this allows the requirements for the processing process make the process much more generous, also it reduces the electrostatic effect.
  5. It also reduces sediment of casting process and increases the stiffness of the product, also can fully eliminate deformation. It helps to reduce or completely avoid spoilage.

We offer a chalk concentrate LLDPE and PP basis.

Packing - 25 kg bags.