We supply concentrates, supplements, fillers for plastic products, film manufacturing components

Masterbatches & Additives for polymers

Visos Spalvos, UAB is a specialized  trading company selling concentrates, colorants for polymers and additives for modification of polymers, polymer materials in the Republic of Lithuania.

Our personnel is always ready to satisfy our clients' needs by offering the concentrates of Cromex S.A. (Brasil), Global Colors Polska S.A. (Poland) and other manufacturers:

Concentrates and additives for modification of polymers.
Our equipment is designed to manufacture the products which have a contact with food and it is also fit for toy production. That is declared in TDS certificate according to European Union regulations.

Our concentrates are designed for dyeing the follow material:

    • High-density polyethylene – HDPE;
    • Low-density polyethylene – LDPE;
    • Polypropylene – PP;
    • Polystyrene – PS;
    • Plastic – ABS;
    • Polyvinyl chloride – PVC;
    • Polyethylene terephthalate – PET;
    • Polyurethane.

MasterbatchesIt is possible to choose exceptional shades in our suppliers' manufacturing plants including even such extremely rare ones as marble, shiny, fluorescent, metallic gloss, nacreous, chameleon, bronze, silver and gold.

We can also provide with specialized measures which will enrich your components with additional qualities to design such products which meet diverse requirements:

Slip additives;
Anti-blocking additives;
Color stabilizers;
Cleaning super concentrates;
Anti-condensation additives;
Antioxidants (thermostabilizers);
Lubricants (used in the process of production);
Other additives.

We are ready in order to satisfy the needs:

    • Assist in choosing the right product.
    • Submit an order to the production manufacturer in case our range does not satisfy your needs.
    • Give a chance to try our product to make sure it fits your manufacturing process.
    • Supply in any volumes - 25 kg and above.
    • Use a flexible pricing policy.